Things just got a little better for healthcare professionals with a Palm Pre

palmpremobihealthnews: “When the Palm Pre App Catalog first launched in early June it had no medical apps to offer, but among the fewapplications the App Catalog launched with was an emulator app by MotionApps that promised to bring applications from old Palm platforms to the new Pre. In other words, if you are a health practitioner who has relied on a Palm Pilot for the past ten years, now you can upgrade to a new Palm Pre and use the same applications with more or less the same user experience.” – This is good news for anyone still holding on to their old Palm OS applications. I, for one, have several as I used to be a Palm Pilot junkie. The article above goes on to list several legacy Palm OS medical applications that will now work on the Palm Pre. Darn you Verizon, when will you get some cool phones?

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