Epocrates beta for webOS

It looks like Epocrates beta is available for the Palm webOS platform. Check out the video below to get the gist for the look and feel of the app.

I don’t use Epocrates myself. My mobile drug information resources of choice come from Lexi-Comp. However, Epocrates is a very popular and highly respected resource among healthcare professionals.

Unfortunately Palm and the webOS don’t appear to have a good long-term prognosis in the smartphone arena. I’ve been reading various reports that Palm may be on its way out secondary to the iPhone, BlackBerry and newer android devices. That’s really too bad. I’ve been a big fan of the Palm operating system since its inception back in the 1990’s. In fact, I would be using a Palm Pre today if it would have been available through Verizon when I purchased my DROID.

I’d love to talk with someone at Palm about building an 8-10” slate tablet device running webOS. The simplicity of the operating system and the ability to really have multiple applications open at once is very appealing. Consider that you can also run legacy Palm OS software on webOS-based devices via emulator software like Classic from Motionapps, and you really have something to like. I fear that this is only a dream, however, as I haven’t heard a peep about anything from Palm even remotely resembling a tablet device.

So, Palm, if you ever feel the need to build a tablet device please give me a call. I have some ideas for you.

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  1. I think a major part of the struggles that the WebOS devices are seeing is due to poor marketing by both Palm and Verizon. What did the original Palm commercials with the “creepy lady” tell us about the phone? Nothing. Have we seen an all-out assault from Verizon for the Palms – like the Droid commercials? Nope. You can read on Precentral.net about numerous experiences at the local Verizon store where the sales person had no idea about WebOS. Contrast that with Apple’s, RIM’s, etc. marketing machines.

  2. You hit the nail on the head BFox. My wife and I spent some time at a local Verizon last week looking at the Palm Pre. The salesman kept pushing me toward the DROID, which is funny because I had one in my pocket. I think we may be seeing the last days of Palm and that makes me sad.

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