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The Pharmaceutical Authentication Sensor System, PASS Rx, by Centice is a medication verification system designed to help pharmacists avoid dispensing errors. The system uses a combination of two sensors to create a unique identification profile for oral solid medications. The first sensor utilizes Ramon Spectroscopy to calculate chemical composition while the second sensor, a “machine vision” sensor, takes images of the medication to determine size, color and shape. The information gathered from both sensors is combined to create a unique identification for the drug that can be compared against the Centice database for verification.

Based on the video of PASS Rx in action, the entire process looks quick and easy. Information on the medication, including the NDC number, is scanned into the system via bar code. The medication is then loaded into the device, the user presses the start button and the results are returned in just a few seconds. Positive identification results in a green ribbon at the top of the PASS Rx screen that reads “Verified”. Failure to verify the medication results in a flashing red screen and audible alert; pretty simple.

I don’t know what the process is when the drug you want to verify is not available for cross reference, nor do I know how many drug entities are stored in the Centice database. The company website only states that “Centice’s robust proprietary database consists of the most commonly dispensed drugs and is updated frequently with the most current drug information which includes new branded drugs, generics and customer initiated requests in the PASS Rx system.”

Overall I think the PASS Rx system is some pretty cool pharmacy technology.


Proven technology offers efficient analysis, peace of mind and an efficient workflow

The PASS Rx system enhances patient safety by offering full molecular analyses of the majority of tablets and capsules (brand and generic) in your everyday workflow – rapidly and accurately. This advanced pharmaceutical verification system can be easily implemented to enhance pharmacists’ resources and their current quality control processes.

    • Uses minimal space in a cramped pharmacy
    • 3 easy steps
    • Measures through the capped vial
    • Fits seamlessly into workflow
    • Complements existing technology
    • Accepts most vial types and sizes
    • Rapid time to result
    • Can be used with technician, RPh or both
    • Majority of tablets and capsules analyzed with spectroscopy and machine vision
    • All drugs in your workflow are covered
    • Valuable information provided with each scan
    • Rapid response time
    • 17.12L x 8.5W x 17.25H

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  1. Nope, I discovered it when @PASSRx started following me on Twitter. Unfortunately it was on my “need to invent” list. I just moved it to my “missed opportunity” list. Bummer.

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