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Quick Hit – CPOE, a pharmacist’s time and laughter

We’ve finally stepped off the curb and are moving full speed ahead with our CPOE implementation. As a result I spent quite a bit of time last week with our Siemens assigned CPOE consultant. He’s a pharmacist which makes things nice because we understand each other and speak the same language. The goal of one of […]

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Top blog posts and searches from last week (29)

I always find it interesting to see what brings people to my website and what they decided to read once they get here. Most read posts over the past 7 days: Cool Technology for Pharmacy (June 18,2009 – Alaris Smartpumps) Best iPhone / iPod Touch Applications for Pharmacists Is the 30-minute rule for medication administration […]

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Speech recognition demonstrates value in report tunrnaround time

I came across an interesting tidbit at referencing an article in the July edition of the American Journal of Roentgenology (Roentgenology definition here – yeah, I had to look it up). “According to the research team, the average report turn-around time for the department before implementation of voice recognition was 28 hours. After implementation […]

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Cool Technology for Pharmacy – PharmaTrust MedCentre

The PharmaTrust MedCentre is a fully automated remote dispensing machine similar to the InstyMeds Prescription Medication Dispenser I mentioned back in October of 2009. We were evaluating the InstyMeds machine when it died a slow agonizing death during budget talks. The idea is simple really. Load the MedCentre machine with a few hundred of the […]

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Recent travels with the iPad

During my vacation last week I spent a couple of days in Nashville. The trip to Nashville was supposed to be short, fly out on Tuesday morning and return on Wednesday afternoon, but it didn’t turn out that way. I typically carry a laptop or tablet PC when I travel, but decided not to at […]

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Confusion and varying opinions regarding the role of pharmacy in informatics remains the norm

Because I am a member of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (AHSP) I have access to the ASHP Pharmacy Informatics and Technology section listserv. Listservs are a great source of information, and as the name implies, this one is particularly good for getting information on all things related to pharmacy automation, technology and informatics. A recent post […]

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AJHP abstracts available for Kindle

I was pleasantly surprised today when I read my ASHP NewsLink and found the following tidbit: “Download AJHP Abstracts to Kindle Reader – Users of the Kindle wireless reading device, from Inc., can now automatically download abstracts of AJHP articles as they become available.” AJHP abstracts are delivered directly to the Kindle e-reader via […]

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Top blog posts and searches from last week (28)

I always find it interesting to see what brings people to my website and what they decided to read once they get here. Most read posts over the past 7 days: Best iPhone / iPod Touch Applications for Pharmacists The cloud still slow to gain acceptance in healthcare Cool Technology for Pharmacy – Post from […]

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Using the concept of the iPad to further pharmacy education

A few weeks ago I installed the Blausen Human Atlas HD application on my iPad. The application features some pretty incredible 3D images and video. The videos provide an animated narrative on a host of medical conditions and treatments. In addition the Blausen application offers a cool 3D rendering of the human body and a […]

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Thinix Touch UI for tablet PCs

I’ve seen Thinix Touch before, but have renewed interest in the product as I continue to explore new uses for various tablets in my possession. The application has been available on touchscreen computers like the HP TouchSmart series for a while. There’s even a Thinix products page on the company website that lists several devices […]

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