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The Spiroscout Inhaler Tracker by Asthmapolis is a small device that attaches to the top of an inhaler. The unit is GPS capable so that each time the inhaler is used, the GPS unit records the time the medication was taken and the patients location.

What a great tool to not only help asthmatics control their disease, but provide physicians with great real-time data. I suppose the next step would be to integrate devices like this into the electronic health record similar to what has been done with me blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring devices.

The Spiroscout Inhaler Tracker is used in conjunction with the Asthmapolis mobile diary to help patients map and track their asthma symptoms, triggers and use of medications.

According to the website:

Spiroscout Inhaler Tracker

At the center of Asthmapolis is the Spiroscout, a device that uses GPS to determine the time and location when an inhaler is used, and then stores or sends that information to a remote server.
It’s small and lightweight, easy to mount securely on the end of most inhalers, and simple to transfer to a new canister. Lights on the device let you know when it has detected use, and also show remaining battery level.

The Spiroscout lasts 2+ days between charges depending on how often its used, and recharges quickly anywhere with a wall charger or USB power source. You connect it to USB port on PC to download information from device and transfer to the Asthmapolis website.”

Additional photos of the Spiroscout Inhaler Tracker can be found at flickr.


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