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Healthcare is beyond repair, and I can prove it

Before we begin let me get a few things out of the way. First, I am a healthcare professional. Yes, a pharmacist is a healthcare professional. Second, I’ve spent a large portion of my adult life working in the healthcare industry, both inpatient and out. This includes more than a decade working in a hospital […]

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When are you most creative?

Recently I was asked to deliver a presentation at a conference coming up at the end of April. I don’t typically turn down opportunities to take a trip and talk about something of interest to me, so I agreed. The topic was in the neighborhood of my comfort zone, but not exactly on the same […]

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Touchscreen technology still rocks

Earlier today I created a blog post about touchscreen technology for another website. While that piece was informative, it didn’t contain some of the cool stuff I found during my research.

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Epocrates Essentials for Android

Epocrates Essentials is available for Android. I’ve never been a big fan of Epocrates and have always considered it a product for physicians and nurses. I consider Lexicomp to be the drug information of choice for pharmacists. I’d use Lexicomp on my Droid today if I were still a real pharmacist. Anyway, I was reading […]

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Playing video games is serious business

JAMA: “The efficacy and mechanism of action of games targeting health outcomes are not well defined. Time spent playing entertainment games can enhance psychomotor skills, judgment, and high-level social skills such as leadership and collaboration.3 However, evidence also exists for the negative influence such media exposure can have on the health of children, particularly those […]

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The ever expanding role of pharmacists

Lately I’ve found myself thinking about how pharmacists are involved in healthcare. Despite popular belief pharmacists do more than simply work in the pharmacy. Throughout my career I’ve become accustomed to people viewing pharmacists as the stereotypically person behind the counter at the drug store “counting pills”. While that’s not all pharmacists do, I’ve learned […]

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Top posts for week ending April 3, 2011

Below is a list of the most read blog posts over the last week based on number of hits: Automated unit-dose packagers for acute care pharmacy Cool Technology for Pharmacy (Alaris Smartpumps June 18th, 2009) – Smartpumps seem to be picking up speed again, especially in regard to integration into BCMA systems and eMARs/EHRs. Best […]

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Different tablets for different tastes

The Digital Reader: “Due to weight I had to pick between my a Win7 tablet convertible or (as a pair) my iPad and Viewsonic gTablet. I’m taking the Inspiron Duo. I can get more work done with it than the other 2 combined. I can run all the same apps on my Win7 laptop and […]

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Another opportunity for pharmacist$

Reuters: “During the current study, 21 percent of the 1506 participants said they had previously not taken medications because of money concerns. Another 5 percent said they were worried they might not be able to pay for drugs. The researchers, who published their results in the journal Academic Emergency Medicine, considered both groups to be […]

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