Monthly Archives: October 2011

The joy of being a cartoon pharmacist

Pharmacists don’t exactly come to mind when you think of notable characters on TV. That’s why I felt compelled to post the short transcript below. It comes from Mort Goldman, owner of Goldman’s Pharmacy on the Family Guy cartoon series as he stands in front of a school class discussing his job as a pharmacist. It’s […]

New Windows 7 slates on the way

Hmm, it looks like we’re going to start seeing more and more Windows 7 slates as the end of the year approaches. The most recent sighting is the the Dell Latitude ST. According to Tablets Planet the “Latitude ST tablet features a Intel Atom processor, Windows 7, Microsoft Bitlocker, Kensington lock, USB port, SD card […]

Accurate Assessment of Adherence (man vs. machine) [abstract]

A recent article in Chest1 demonstrates the value of electronic data collection in medication adherence. In this case it was inhalation therapy in cystic fibrosis patients. This type of article is important as we consider the future of electronic health records and where the data for such records should come. Remember, people are notoriously unreliable […]

Hmm, retail pharmacy still sucks? Go figure

Jim Plagakis: The rules of the game as they are designed by CVS and Rite-Aid make the game unwinnable unless you are going to operate as a glorified technician.  It must be downright painful for pharmacists with high personal standards and respect for professional ethics.  I can understand the bitterness.  I can understand the feelings […]

The future of tablets, operating systems and innovation

TeachPaperless: A Prediction: What Platform Will Be Running on the Tablets in Your Classes? Windows. That’s my prediction. Here’s my rationale: Windows 8 has been designed especially for touchscreen computing. Windows is the overwhelming winner in the enterprise market. Major PC manufacturers from HP to Dell are re-evaluating their business in a post-iPad world. In […]

Interactive Handbook on Injectable Drugs for iPad and iPhone

It feels like a day doesn’t go by that I don’t receive an email letting me know of something cool for mobile devices. With the ever increasing onslaught of tablet and smartphone use in pharmacy practice it’s only a matter of time before everything will be available in some electronic media format. In this case […]

Tarascon Pharmacopoeia available for Android and iPad

I received the email below a few days ago announcing that The Tarascon Pharmacopoeia is now available for Android and the iPad. I’m not a big fan myself, but the reference appears to be popular with certain crowds. Historically it’s more popular with community/retail pharmacists than hospital pharmacists. This might have something to do with […]

Cool Football Technology

technology review: Dan Garza, assistant professor of orthopaedic surgery at the Stanford School of Medicine, and his team recently completed a study of the mouth guards using crash-test dummies, and  plan to publish the data soon… Garza believes that the mouth guards may turn out to be more accurate than helmets because they don’t shift […]

Send a prescription by snapping a photo? Why not?

I recently accompanied my mother to UCSF for a follow-up procedure after her liver transplant. When it was time for her to be discharged home the nurse handed me the prescription below. Forget for a second that there are about a half dozen things wrong with it and just focus on the distinct nature of […]

What I miss most, and least about working in a hospital

I left pharmacy practice in November of 2010, so I’ve been out of the hospital for almost a year now. Typically I don’t give it a second thought, but recently I’ve found myself in several inpatient pharmacies face to face with pharmacists and technicians. Pharmacists are always willing to engage in talk about pharmacy practice, […]