If I were to buy a tablet today…

imageI’m always on the lookout for a new tablet, and never more so then I am at this moment. My trusty Lenovo X201T is getting old. At more than a year, it’s downright ancient in computer technology years. It’s a dilemma to be sure.

Fortunately for me there’s no shortage of tablets on the market: Windows OS, Android OS, iOS. Crud, based on reports from CES 2012 I’ll have a much bigger selection within another 6 months or so.

The iPad is out. Been there, done that. It didn’t meet my needs.

I’ve thought many times about going with an Android device. After all, I’ve used an Android smartphone for the better part of 3 years and love the operating system. The Samsung line of Android tablets is awesome, and the Asus Transformer Prime is nothing short of spectacular. If I were to purchase an Android tablet I’m certain that it would be the Prime, but alas, as a productivity device the Android tablets suffer from the same shortcomings as that fruity device.

Which brings us to the Windows tablets. I’ve been eying Windows tablets for a while, but I’ve been a bit underwhelmed. In addition I’m a fan of convertible tablets and those have virtually disappeared as everyone seems to be going to a slate model these days.

After looking over my options I think the Samsung Series 7 Slate is my best bet. It’s a fully functional Windows computer with no compromise. In addition it has decent battery life, good specs and works well with both touch and a pen – yes, I still prefer a pen for note taking. A friend and colleague recently purchased a Series 7 Slate and he’s been raving about it. I spent a little time playing with it today and I must say that I found it to be quite impressive.

So there you go. If I were to purchase a new tablet today it would be the Samsung Series 7 Slate. Then again, I did drool a little when I read about the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga.

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