Monthly Archives: March 2012

Reviewing an #archetype

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, but you know how things go. While at HIMSS12 in Las Vegas last month I was asked to do a little review work. That’s not all that uncommon. People ask me to do things on occasion; review a blog post, review an app, give my opinion […]

Cool Pharmacy Tech – Phocus Rx

Ever heard of Phocus Rx? Neither had I until a couple of days ago when my boss sent me a link to this story about Children’s Hospital Los Angeles receiving Phocus Rx as a charitable donation. Phocus Rx is camera system used in pharmacy clean rooms to document and validate the IV compounding process. It […]

Medscape application now available for the Kindle Fire

I’m sure by now everyone has heard of the Kindle Fire. If not just know that it is the 7-inch color media device from Amazon based on the Android operating system. The device has been uber popular to this point. It’s difficult to tell how popular exactly, but one thing is for sure, you know […]

AJHP optimized for mobile access

Looks like the little elves over at AJHP have been busy making their journal easier to access from mobile devices. That’s pretty cool. I spent a few minutes playing around with the site on my Nexus and it worked well. I was able to pull up Implementing smart pumps for epidural infusions in an academic […]

Technology still can’t beat pen and paper

I am a tablet PC guy, no question. My tablet of choice is the Levnovo x201t, but I’ve tried several and enjoy the constant hunt for a new one. I don’t travel with it much these days as I’ve grown tired of carrying multiple machines, dealing with security, etc. But when I’m at home my […]

Effect of med reconciliation on med cost after hospital D/C [article]

The Annals of Pharmacotherapy March 20121 BACKGROUND: Medication reconciliation aims to correct discrepancies in medication use between health care settings and to check the quality of pharmacotherapy to improve effectiveness and safety. In addition, medication reconciliation might also reduce costs. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of medication reconciliation on medication costs after hospital discharge in […]

Physician dispensing, that’s some bad mojo right there

Physician dispensing is a hot topic for several reasons. And while I’m not opposed to the use of medication kiosks to dispense medications to patients, I believe that their use must be carefully defined and continuously monitored. As I said in a post in September 2010 “Under the right set of circumstances, and with thoughtful implementation, kiosks could free […]

Physician shares thoughts on using tablet PC in the field

Mobile Healthc “Dr. R. Dale Walker, from the Cherokee Tribe of Oklahoma, is a professor of Psychiatry, Public Health and Preventive Medicine as well as the director of the Center for American Indian Education and Research at Oregon Health and Science University and director of the One Sky Center. … “When out in the […]

Cool Pharmacy Tech – T-Haler

The T-Haler is a training device developed by Cambridge Consultants to help asthma patients learn how to use their inhalers. Why is this such a cool piece of technology? Because patients invariably do a crapy job using their inhalers. I used to ask asthma patients to demonstrate how they used their inhalers, and I was […]

RFID technology to monitor football players to prevent overheating on the field

This is simply cool. There’s no other way to put it. “On the football field, for example, heat prostration has led to several fatalities over the past few years. The problem starts during pre-season practices that take place under the intense summer sun. Identec has already developed a headband with an embedded heat-sensing chip. […]