Cool Pharmacy Tech – Real time volume detection in syringes

I received the Tweet below last night from Denis Lebel. The link took me to a YouTube video that demonstrates the use of a camera and software to determine the volume inside a syringe. It’s really cool.

I had an idea like this about 6-8 months ago. I talked it over with a colleague and they said it couldn’t be done. Well it seems the smart folks at Scorpion Vision Software did what couldn’t be done. Surprise! Denis said they’ve been working on it for about a year. Congratulations are in order as I think this is brilliant.

Translated text from the video description: “This video shows a proof of concept that allows the detection volume of syringes in real time thanks to the vision software. This real-time detection, combined with the reading of bar code products can be an important addition to the quality control of the preparation of intravenous medications in sterile chamber in pharmacies of health facilities.

In this video we demonstrate how the Scorpion vision software software identifies the”bar code” that identifies the type of syringe used, the position of the piston and thesyringe body in 3D space and then estimating the volume contained in the syringe.”

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