Cool Pharmacy App – MediSafe Medication Reminder [#android]

MediSafeI came across this app the other day and thought it was pretty interesting. The app, MediSafe Medication Minder, is part of the MediSafe Project. The website isn’t very informative, but it’s worth checking out.

What’s the MediSafe app all about? Well, this pretty much sums it up: “It’s simple. When it’s time for you to take your medication, the app will remind you. You can also update your app manually. Your caretaker is notified if you don’t check in, so they can remind you only if needed.” The application also supports barcode scanning. Pretty cool stuff.

I’m not convinced that these apps work for everyone when it comes to improving medication adherence, but I think they have their place and should be an option for those that are comfortable using mobile technology.

You can grab it for free on Google Play. I think I’ll download it and give it a whirl.

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