Great Prezi on Evidence Based Health Informatics

By | March 11, 2013

Thanks to Tim Cook over at Google+ for the lead on this one.

I’m familiar with Prezi’s, but have never created one. I played around with the technology once, quickly became frustrated, and gave up. Anyway, the Prezi below from Dr. Robert Hoyt – Evidence Based Health Informatics » Replacing Hype with Science – has a lot of great information in it.

Update 3/13/2013: Looks like the presentation was pulled down. Not sure why, but the link is dead. Unfortunate as it was a great presentation.

Update 8/21/2013: The presentation is back! Dr Hoyt left a comment on this post letting me know that the presentation is up with new and improved content.

You can see the full presentation here or view it below.

6 thoughts on “Great Prezi on Evidence Based Health Informatics

  1. John Poikonen

    What! Bar Coded Medication Administration lacking evidence. Shocking!

    While I liked your previous post trashing the meta-analysis of CPOE, the lack of evidence of BCMA is even worse.

  2. Rhonda McManus

    NWhat about evidence for unit dose. Been around since the 70’s, I’m not convinced.

  3. Jerry Fahrni Post author

    Interested to hear your thoughts on that Rhonda.

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  5. Bob Hoyt MD

    My apologies. I took it offline while I was working on it for many months. It is now back online. Glad you derived some benefit from it. Might try to put together a short journal article reflecting my research/comments…..Bob

  6. Jerry Fahrni Post author

    Excellent! Thanks for the update, Bob. It was such a great Prezi and I certainly hope you follow through with your plans to turn it into a journal article. Good luck. – Jerry

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