Smartphone medication adherence apps [Article]


Not sure how I missed this one, but there’s an article in the March-April 2013 issue of the Journal of the American Pharmacist Association that covers smartphone applications for medication adherence.

Smartphone medication adherence apps: Potential benefits to patients and providers (J Am Pharm Assoc. 2013;53:172-181)

From the abstract: “160 adherence apps were identified and ranked. These apps were most prevalent for the Android OS. Adherence apps with advanced functionality were more prevalent on the Apple iPhone OS. Among all apps, MyMedSchedule, MyMeds, and RxmindMe rated the highest because of their basic medication reminder features coupled with their enhanced levels of functionality.”

There’s a lot of good information in the article, especially the bibliography. To top it off, the article is available in its entirety for free so go get it. Actually, the entire March-April issue is worth reading.

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  1. Just want to second that the March-April issue of J Am Pharm Assoc is full of terrific articles. It is making AJHP look a little informatic anemic.

  2. Interesting, Steve, but it sounds like more of a proof of concept than a product. I’m curious to hear how you plan to handle all the various tablet and capsule sizes. I’m sure you’re aware that the range is significant, i.e. from a 6.25mg carvedilol to something larger than a 10mEq potassium capsule. Feel free to let me know when you have a working product on the market. I’d love to see it in action.

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