Monthly Archives: July 2013

Stanford University Medical Center Pharmacy site visit [07 31 2013]

I just rolled in the door from Palo Alto, where I spent most of the morning visiting the Stanford University Medical Center inpatient pharmacy. And why not, I didn’t have anything else to do today. I picked up the phone, connected with the Director of Pharmacy, Mike Brown and was on my way. First and […]

Swisslogs introduces next-gen RoboCurrier Autonomous Mobile Robot

Swisslog has been making these little robots for a long time, although I don’t see many of them in the wild these days. They’re pretty cool in their own right. The robots themselves are reasonably small. The previous version was only 35-inches tall, and weighed in around 100 pounds. But they could carry up to […]

Pre-packaged unit dose from the manufacture or repackaging yourself?

Like it or not barcoding at the point of care has slowly become a standard of practice in acute care pharmacies all over the country. The question is no longer whether or not we should use barcoding technology, but rather how do we use it. And with that comes the need to make sure that […]

Saturday morning coffee [July 27 2013]

So much happens each and every week that it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Here are some of the tabs that are open in my browser this morning along with some random thoughts…. It’s been a while. I feel a bit rusty. The coffee mug below is from the ASHP Summer Meeting Twitter contest in […]

Medication adherence, it should begin and end with a pharmacist

There’s no question that medication adherence is a problem. How big a problem? Well, according to an article in The American Journal of Medicine, 28% of new prescriptions never get filled, and among patients who do fill their prescriptions, adherence rates are less than 50%. The problem with these numbers is that they represent not only […]

Fresh application of older healthcare technology

I came across an interesting article in the July issue of Pharmacy Practice News. The article describes some of the posters presented at the 2013 ASHP Summer Meeting in Minneapolis. The technology covered is relatively old, and a little antiquated when you look at much of the technology floating around the world these days. Nonetheless, […]