Cool Technology for Pharmacy – Cactus Smart Sink [#ASHPMidyear15]

Acute care pharmacies generate a lot of pharmaceutical waste, and it’s not always clear what you should do with it.

Yesterday I came across The Cactus Smart Sink while roaming through the exhibit hall at ASHP Midyear. The Smart Sink is a pharmaceutical waste disposal container that renders its contents “unrecoverable, non-retrievable and unusable”.

Some key features of The Smart Sink include:

  • A two cartridge system, one for liquid waste and one for solid waste, including patches.
  • It runs on batteries
  • Has a small footprint, measuring only 15.5” W x 12.5″ H x 9.5” D.
  • Uses audible alarms and alert lights to notify users when cartridges are full, have expired, or when the unit has been accessed.

I thought the it was pretty cool. Obligatory video below.

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