Monthly Archives: February 2016 Podcast | Episode 8: Loss of Community Pharmacy

In this episode, Jerry talks about some of “new services” being introduced into pharmacy practice, and how these services used to be part of every community pharmacy practice. Show Notes: Host: Jerry Fahnri, Pharm.D. Items discussed in podcast: TechCrunch article: The Online Pharmacy Race Gets A New Entrant: RobinHealth Zipdrug PillPack RobinHealth Current setup: Blue Microphones […]

UPMC pilots pharmacogenomics program for heart patients

Twenty years ago pharmacogenomics was supposed to revolutionize the way we practice pharmacy. Unfortunately, the revolution has been slow to evolve. That’s why this pilot program at UPMC is so exciting. UPMC is piloting a program to perform genetic testing on patients to determine medication response. “At UPMC, doctors are testing for that gene before […]

Study questions what we consider an ‘adherent’ patient

MedicalXpress: “A study at Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH) in Elche shows that patients defined automatically as “adherent” by dint of collecting their prescriptions each month are not necessarily any better than their “non-adherent” peers at actually taking their medication…. The main finding, then, was that lack of adherence even among those patients who regularly collected their […]

Placing equipment in the primary engineering controls (PECs)

Can you place items in the primary engineering control (PEC, aka “the hood”)? I get this question from time to time with regards to IV workflow management systems (IVWFMs). Most (all?) IVWFMs currently on the market utilize various hardware components – cameras, stands, scales, tablets, etc. – inside the hood. Things may change in the […]

Cool Technology for Pharmacy – DOSIS

Not being involved with long-term care (LTC) pharmacies much over the years, I sometimes forget that there’s technology to help with some of the day-to-day operations. I recently came across an advertisement for a company called Manchac Technologies. The reason it caught my eye is because I had a chance to visit with Manchac several […]

General Chapter 800 Commentary posted

Just in case anyone was interested and wanted to get a jump on the upcoming USP Chapter <800>. The USP-NF Compendial Update for February included General Chapter <800> Commentary, which was posted on February 1, 2016. It’s a PDF document that includes all the comments that were submitted for consideration to the Expert Compounding Committee. The document can […]