Cool technology for pharmacy – ProteXsure Safety Capsule System

Needle sticks happen. I’ve actually stuck myself a few times during my career while compounding in the IV room. Fortunately for me, it never involved anything hazardous. Still, it was a pain. No pun intended.

Over the years a lot of attention has been given to methods for preventing needle sticks in healthcare, ranging from things like procedures, i.e. “no-recapping” to physical barriers like safety syringes. The ProteXsure Safety Capsule System falls into the latter category.


medGadget: “[The ProteXsure Safety Capsule System] prevents needle stick injuries by offering an easy way to snap on a protective cap to the tip of a needle. Once a syringe is finished with, the needle is simply pushed into a slot on the side of the ProteXsure. This can be done with one hand. A cap immediately grabs onto the needle, readying the syringe for safe disposal.”

The ProteXsure Safety Capsule System gets high marks for ease of use and design. It appears to be a simple, yet elegant solution to the problem of blunting the end of a needle to prevent accidental sticks. Check the video below to see how simple the product is to use.


From the ProteXsure site:

  • First device to safely address recapping the Front & Back end of all dental syringes
  • Fits all size needles and gauges in most medical and healthcare settings
  • Meets all OSHA guidelines of mandated “One Hand Recapping”
  • Accepts both “Bent & Straight” needles
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Non skid gel pads adhere to any surface without leaving marks or residue
  • 100 safety capsules inside every system
  • Fully automatic (Insert needle and remove)
  • Once completely dispensed, simply dispose in a normal waste bin & replace
  • Additional downstream needle protection should original needle cap come off (capsule covers needle tip in addition to the syringe cap)

No information on cost and availability in the U.S.

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  1. Dr F-am the inventor of the Protexsure sharps safety device. We have an exclusive US contract with the largest dental supply company in the world,and a medical one with an international company. As for pharmacy, my manufacturers went to Arrkansas,and real interest from CVS. Have FDA 510k approval. As the inventor,can truly say that you captured the device quite well,and if you see any dual opportunities,our CEO is Les Capella 754-802-1990. -Mike Schaffer AB U of Rochester,DMD U of Pittsburgh

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