Even the best things can be improved.

I had the opportunity to speak with a nice young lady from Talyst this morning about extending our barcoding system to our pharmacy satellites. She had great insight into what we wanted to do and offered some very helpful tips. The conversation took an interesting turn when she asked me how I liked the system and where I thought improvements could be made. After the initial shock of a vendor asking me my opinion, we spent a few minutes discussing the system and how our workflow has changed for the better.

Overall, we have been very pleased with our barcoding system. I wish all platforms ran as smoothly as our Talyst products. However, there is always room for improvement. I understand that Talyst is currently working on a “big” new release of their AutoPharm software that is focused on patient safety. I don’t have specifics, but it is possible that some of the items listed here are already in the works.
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Cool Technology in Pharmacy

The InforMedix Med-eMonitor is an internet enabled medication storage device that sounds musical chimes when it’s time for a patient to take their medication. Coined a “smat pillbox” by the maker it provides dosing instructions to the user and monitors their medication use. According to the website the device offers:

– Medication reminders and dosing information for up to 25 medicationsmedemonitor
– Separate medication trays slots to hold up to 5 different medications
– Secure monitoring 24 hours a day
– General health questionnaires and health education
– Alerts to caregivers and loved ones, whom you select, are sent as necessary if medications are  missed or health is declining
– 24/7 support available through optional support services-COMING SOON
– Supports the “five Rights” of Medication Safety – Right Patient, Right Medication, Right Dose, Right Time, Right route of administration

The device has been used successfully in at least one study along with similar devices in other studies.

Tablet recognition for safe dispensing…why not?

I recently spied a Twitter post regarding a “pill geometry” database. The idea of a database that houses the geometry of prescription tablets piqued my interest and sent my brain into overdrive. I don’t think that was the intention of the Twitter post, but it jump started by brain nonetheless.
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Safest and most efficient distribution model

Cardinalhealth.com: “The findings of this analysis demonstrated that in a decentralized medication distribution model, as the percentage of medications in an automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) is increased, there is a direct correlation with:

  1. Decreased time to initial dose
  2. Decreased missing doses
  3. Decreased pharmacist and pharmacy technician labor
  4. Decreased non value added nursing activities
  5. Increased predictability

This is no surprise as many leaders in the pharmacy world have been trying to move to a decentralized distribution model for years. The biggest roadblock thus far has been cost and lack of automation. As automation improves and becomes more available and less costly, the decentralized scenario becomes more and more likely.