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Upon further review – thoughts on ASHP Midyear 2012

I’ve just returned from a week in Las Vegas, NV at ASHP Midyear 2012. The ASHP Midyear conference is the pinnacle of clinical meetings each year for most acute care pharmacists. For me it’s not that interesting anymore as I don’t attend as a pharmacist. It just more work days for me; long work days. […]

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Random thoughts on pharmacy, among other things

I spent a few hours on a plane today. I do all kinds of things when I’m stuck on a plane. I used to work, but that got old after a while. Now I play games, read for pleasure, listen to music, or simply think. Today was a thinking day. I tried playing a game, […]

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Hospital called “hotbed for healthcare innovation” with “state-of-the-art NICU” also definition of irony

According to good ol’ Merriam-Webster irony is defined as “the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning”. That’s the first thing that popped into my mind when I read the article referred to in the Tweet below from @ClinicalInnTech. R.I. hospital’s new NICU allows for infant […]

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Re-evaluating my travel gadgetry

I enjoy my gadgets. I enjoy them a lot. I take them everywhere I go. I’m not obsessed with them, but I find that they help me pass the time when I’m by myself or during quite periods when my crew is still sleeping. Everyone in my family has an “electronics bag” that they carry […]

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Changes to Twitter finally hit home

I’ve read quite a bit lately about all the changes to Twitter. The incessant complaining, the non-stop blood-clot cryin’, the “Twitter has gone too far” rhetoric, and so on. Whatever Twitter has done has irritated a lot of people, but doesn’t seem to have hurt them much, if at all. I don’t really care one […]

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PEG coated nanoparticles improves drug delivery into the brain

Delivering drugs into the brain is notoriously difficult. Researchers at Johns Hopkins have published a report in the August 29 issue of Science Translational Medicine that they have designed nanoparticles that can safely and predictably infiltrate deep into the brain. Pretty cool. A Dense Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Coating Improves Penetration of Large Polymeric Nanoparticles Within Brain […]

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Tic Tac dispenser as alternative prescription bottle

All the companies that have spent millions developing a “better way” to dispense medications (tablets) should watch the video below. The company that makes Tic Tacs has you all beat. And just a guess here, but I bet that little plastic Tic Tac dispenser doesn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars. Someone needs to develop […]

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Email notification for tests pending at discharge [article] – 90’s technology comes to healthcare

I literally chuckled out loud when I read this abstract from the most recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA). Yes, chuckled. It wasn’t a full laugh because it was just so pathetic. I struggled trying to decide what blog category to place this article in. It’s not really mobile, but […]

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Don’t get between people and their weed. Just sayin’

I spent the better part of a half hour tonight getting beat up over on Google plus because I’m not a big fan of medical marijuana. As a pharmacist I see the arguments for its use as rather weak, at best. But as long as it’s legal feel free to use it to your heart’s […]

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What the heck is MolPrime for Android? I’ll tell you….

How’s this for convoluted? Following a link to Chemspy about the Open Drug Discovery Teams (ODDT) app in the iTunes store led me to Cheminformatics where I got all giddy about finding a website dedicated to “chemical information software for next generation computing environments”, and eventually found the post below: “The Android port of MolPrime is getting closer to […]

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