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Tablet hunting – the Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 not so good

I’ve been contemplating a new slate tablet PC. The market is full of them, which should make choosing one a piece of cake. Unfortunately it’s turning out to be much more difficult than originally thought. The most common problem, for me at least, has been short battery life. Less than four hours just isn’t an […]

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Motion Ships the First Ultra-light and Rugged CL900 Tablet PC

Motion News Release regarding their new CL900 tablet PC:

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Windows 7 tablet PC desktop done right by an end user

From Windows 7 Tablet Blog. Look at the screenshot and then watch the video. When you’re through being amazed jump to the website and read how this transformation took place.

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Taking a look at the new Lenovo X220t Tablet PC

I purchased a Lenovo x201t Tablet PC back in November 2010. It’s been a great machine. The new x220t is every bit as impressive as the x201t, but has a slightly larger 12.5-inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen. In addition it has a new ThinkPad battery pack that should provide the user some serious portability without the […]

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Different tablets for different tastes

The Digital Reader: “Due to weight I had to pick between my a Win7 tablet convertible or (as a pair) my iPad and Viewsonic gTablet. I’m taking the Inspiron Duo. I can get more work done with it than the other 2 combined. I can run all the same apps on my Win7 laptop and […]

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Tablet tid-bits

This morning at breakfast I sat across the table from an older gentleman in an Air Force flight suite. He was eating his cereal, drinking his coffee and playing with his iPad. I don’t often see older men in flight suites using an iPad so I felt compelled to strike up a conversation. I simply […]

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Lenovo continues to impress

Electronista: “Lenovo gave its ThinkPad X series a major refresh on Tuesday with a generational leap. The X220 notebook and X220t tablet both use a newer 12.5-inch, IPS-based rich color display but thrive with a new external ThinkPad battery pack. They can last up to nine and eight hours respectively on extended internal batteries, but […]

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Is the tablet PC dead?

Mashable: “Microsoft will release a tablet-oriented version of Windows no sooner than 2012, Bloomberg reports, citing sources familiar with the matter. Despite Steve Ballmer’s bombastic statements in July last year, when he said Microsoft is “hardcore” about tablets and that we can expect “a lot” of Windows-based tablets by the end of 2010, none of […]

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The evolution of tablets for pharmacy

Everywhere I look these days someone is showing off a new tablet; in the media anyway. Out in public I typically see mostly iPads with the Galaxy tablet coming in a distant second. I’m not sure that this will change anytime soon, but it’s clear to me that tablets will become mainstream devices for many […]

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Disinfect your tablet PC without the chemical mess

Check out the video below from HIMSS 2011 demonstrating a product by Advanced Technical Support, Inc (ATS) called ReadyDock:UV. It’s really quite neat. ATS makes a host of ReadyDock products for the entire range of Motion tablet PCs including the LE, C5, F5 and J3400. According to the company website: “ReadyDock:UV – Chemical-Free disinfection for the […]

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