Visual aid for House Democrats’ health plan. Really?

I’m a visual type of guy. I can frequently work something out on paper long before I can conceptualize it in my “mind’s eye”. That is until I saw the organizational chart of the House Democrats’ Health Plan (image below). Any questions?

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What are you going to do with all that data?

Informationweek.com: “The rollout of e-prescription, digital medical record and other clinical systems by healthcare providers is undoubtedly creating gigantic new mountains of data. The next big challenges for healthcare is in using that data to make better clinical decisions and save costs, and becoming more proactive in helping patients avoid imminent medical problems. “It’s estimated that […]

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Is the Cleveland Clinic prejudice against the obese?

This has nothing to do with pharmacy informatics or technology, but sometimes I run across something that is so ridiculous that I feel compelled to comment.

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Cool Technology for Pharmacy

There were several vendors strutting their stuff at Siemens Innovations this week in Philadelphia. Here are a couple of products I thought were pretty cool. Imprivata OneSign Platform:”Imprivata helps organizations secure employee, contractor and temporary hire access to desktops, networks, applications, and transactions – – enforcing who gets access; providing visibility into what was accessed; […]

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IT departments may be stuck without enough help to go hi-tech

This from the July 2009 issue of Hospitals & Health Networks: “Experts worry that hospitals may not have the resources to keep up. As if it already weren’t tough enough to find and retain quality health information technology professionals, the recent passage of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act as part […]

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Hello from the ASHP Summer Meeting in Chicago

Today was my first official day at the ASHP Summer Meeting in Chicago. I spent the first half of the day in the exhibit hall checking out the vendors and all the cool stuff they had on display. The exhibit hall wasn’t open to everyone, but I had the unexpected surprise of receiving a vendor’s […]

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Be efficient with project meetings.

The nature of an IT pharmacist’s job involves being part of a lot of projects, teams, committees, etc. The reason is obvious. Technology used to improve medication distribution and administration is an essential component of any medication safety plan.

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Local anesthetic allergies.

This has nothing to do with pharmacy technology, but I thought it would be worth posting. Questions about cross reactivity of one local anesthetic to another don’t come along often, but when they do it’s never easy to formulate a quick answer. Lucky for me I’m an electronic pack-rat and saved a small drug information […]

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Next Health 2.0 Conference

This is something that I’ve become more interested in lately….”the ways that information technology and the web are changing healthcare in areas from online search to health focused online communities and social networks. ” My chance is coming up later this year in October. Lucky for me it’s just up the road in San Francisco. […]

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FDA revises ceftriaxone-calcium warning

The FDA has issued an update to the previous alert on the interaction between calcium and ceftriaxone (Rocephin). The original warning was based on reported fatalities involving neonates. The update occurred after Roche (manufacturer of ceftriaxone) conducted two studies using neonatal and adult plasma with varying concentrations of ceftriaxone and calcium. Based on the results, […]

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