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Can “a computer” take over for a pharmacist?

Two things happened to me recently that have pushed this question to the front of my mind. The first is by way of some comments that were left in response to something I wrote in June about Google’s new symptom … Continue reading

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IV room technology …just sayin’

From a recent article in August 2012 issue of Pharmacy Practice News: Within the first month of implementation [of a bar-code medication preparation (BCMP) system], 85% of all IV drugs in the children’s hospital IV room were covered by the … Continue reading

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Yo, wouldn’t a high-tech laminar air flow hood be cool

We have so much technology around these days. I mean we have real-time patient monitoring, near field communication, telemedicine, smartphones, music and video in the cloud, and so on ad infinitum. So why is it that hospital pharmacies use the … Continue reading

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Prevalence of medication administration errors in two medical units with automated prescription and dispensing [Article]

From the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association1. I was a little shocked by the number of errors, but as you can see in the abstract below, and in the title, the errors were during the administration phase of … Continue reading

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Cool Pharmacy Technology – Eyecon Pill Counter

Scan the bottle Pour the tablets onto the Eyecon Pill Counter counting platter. The Eyecon Pill Counter uses “Machine vision technology” to count the tablets. Package the tablets That’s pretty simple. Sure beats the heck out of counting the tablets … Continue reading

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What do pharmacists want?

It’s a simple question with a simple answer. In today’s pharmacy environment pharmacists want to do more “clinical” activities and distance themselves from the physical pharmacy. See, I told you it was simple. For the last several months I’ve been … Continue reading

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Cool Pharmacy Technology–Apoteca

I have a soft spot for robotics, especially for IV preparation. I’m not quite sure that pharmacy is ready to fully embrace the idea, but we’re well on our way. APOTECAchemo is an IV preparation robot modeled in the image … Continue reading

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HIMSS11 Interoperability Showcase – Omnicell video

Omnicell is pushing interoperability with pharmacy information systems. Interesting stuff. Check out the demonstration video below. I love the “vending machine” style dispensing idea. It’s something I’ve been waiting to see for a few years now.

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Cool Technology for Pharmacy – Sharp SX Bagger

Some items in a pharmacy are simply difficult to bar-code. Perhaps they’re too small, have an awkward shape or their surface won’t accommodate ink or an adhesive. The problem creates some interesting workarounds, and not always for the better. One … Continue reading

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Why automated medication kiosks could be good for pharmacy practice

I followed a little banter on Twitter this weekend regarding the use of automated dispensing kiosks to dispense medications to patients instead of using a physical pharmacy. There are many pharmacists out there that believe the use of automated medication … Continue reading

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