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Thoughts on my technology loadout for ASHP Midyear

As mentioned previously, I used ASHP Midyear to experiment with my technology loadout. My equipment consisted of a Yoga 2 Pro, a Surface Pro 3, and a Samsung Galaxy S5. Was it successful? Let’s find out.

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How to get InkSeine to run on a Windows 8 tablet

I’ve written about InkSeine before. It’s a great little application for those of us that like inking on a tablet, but it’s an older application that was never put into production. InkSeine was never updated to work with Windows 8, … Continue reading

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Application for Wacom’s new WILL technology in healthcare

PC World: “Wacom has grand designs for a new graphical language…WILL, short for Wacom Ink Layer Language, will store pen strokes in a Stroke File Format and allow them to be streamed using its Stroke Messaging Format. The file formats … Continue reading

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Note taking and tablets [inforgraphic]

Here’s an interesting infographic from Livescribe that covers how users take notes with or without tablets. Couple of things I find particularly interesting: 54% of tablet owners take notes with pen and paper, i.e. not on their tablets. See my … Continue reading

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The best inking application for Windows that you’ll never see

Recently I posted something about Project Austin, a new digital note-taking application designed specifically for Windows 8 by Microsoft. Project Austin had me thinking about other cool inking applications. Microsoft OneNote immediately comes to mind, but it’s really not the … Continue reading

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Project Austin: A new not taking app from Microsoft designed specifically for Windows 8

Microsoft Blog (Visual C++ Team): “…For the past few months I’ve been working on a Windows 8 app along with a small team of developers from the Visual C++ team, we call it Project Code Name Austin. Austin is a … Continue reading

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Shareable Ink plus EHR equals interesting alternative

EMR Daily News: “Shareable Ink®, an enterprise cloud computing company that transforms paper documentation to structured data, today announced three new partnerships with leading EHR vendors that will further the company’s reach in delivering a reliable, portable and easy to … Continue reading

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“What’d I miss?” – Week of November 22nd

Welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of “What’d I Miss?”. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time that marks the beginning of my favorite time of the year. It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump until the New Year.  Squeeze Christmas in … Continue reading

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Cool Technology for Pharmacy

While not specifically related to pharmacy, this is very interesting. Stephen S. Hau, the founder of PatientKeeper in the 90’s, has created a new product called Shareable Ink. The product uses a digital pen on paper forms to capture handwriting. … Continue reading

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