Quick Hit – CPOE, a pharmacist’s time and laughter

We’ve finally stepped off the curb and are moving full speed ahead with our CPOE implementation. As a result I spent quite a bit of time last week with our Siemens assigned CPOE consultant. He’s a pharmacist which makes things nice because we understand each other and speak the same language.

The goal of one of the meetings I attended last week was to discuss the resources necessary to implement a CPOE system. Needless to say the project is going to be resource heavy. When it came time to tease out the IT pharmacist part of the project I was a little surprised at what I heard. The time requirements weren’t surprising – several hundred hours – but where the pharmacist fits into the entire scheme was.
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The Future of the IT Industry

John Suffolk: “Following on from recent blogs, publications and presentation on the Government’s IT strategy I have been asked a number of times what my thoughts are on how this will play out in the IT industry over the next ten years…I think we are all in for a shock, a big shock because IT and service provision will be dramatically different and I’m not convinced the IT industry is facing up to the new reality. Consider a world where:

– The concept of desktop disappears as a predominant model…
– Things like ERP become a sequence of transactions….
– The number of data centres will be dramatically reduced….
– Public and private clouds will be pervasive….
– The combined cloud model and the application store opens up the IT market….

So those operating on the IT world will need to decide what their true competences will be.  Where can they shine and get recognition for being outstanding.

The blog is quite insightful and I believe an accurate look at where IT is headed. In addition I think the healthcare industry will see more outsourced IT support as we move toward a cloud model. Hospitals will be tied less to software and hardware support, instead providing informatics experts responsible for developing workflow and effective use of purchased services. Some hospitals have begun adopting this model already, and expect to see greater adoption in the future.