IV room workflow management system comparison [table]

There are basically four IV room workflow management systems that I’m aware of: DoseEdge by Baxa, Pharm-Q In The Hood by Envision Telepharmacy, SP Central Telepharmacy System by ScriptPro and Phocus Rx by Grifols. Here’s a little table I’ve put together comparing them based on what I know. Product DoseEdge Pharm-Q In The Hood SP […]

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Upon further review – thoughts on ASHP Midyear 2012

I’ve just returned from a week in Las Vegas, NV at ASHP Midyear 2012. The ASHP Midyear conference is the pinnacle of clinical meetings each year for most acute care pharmacists. For me it’s not that interesting anymore as I don’t attend as a pharmacist. It just more work days for me; long work days. […]

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What the NECC fiasco means for automation in pharmacy IV rooms

According to the CDC website, the fungal meningitis outbreak linked to a tainted batch of steroid injections made by the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Massachusetts has resulted in more than 500 case reports and 36 deaths (as of November 28, 2012). A lot of things happen when something like this occurs. People become […]

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Health Robotics ASHP Midyear press release includes mention of RFID

I came across this press release yesterday. The press release is from Health Robotics, a company that builds and distributes automation and technology aimed squarely at the I.V. room. Their product line includes several robots designed for specialized I.V. room compounding, including i.v.STATION ONCO, i.v.STATION, CytoCare and TPNstation. It looks like the company is taking […]

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More on the meningitis outbreak caused by contaminated steroid injection

Things just keep getting worse: death toll rose to 14 and people affected was up to 172 in 11 states as of this afternoon. It’s difficult to find accurate information on the exact cause of the meningitis, but it appears that most of the cases are related to either Aspergillus or Exserohilum. Fungal infections are […]

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Outsourcing sterile product preparation and the importance of quality assurance

I’m sure you’ve heard about the recent meningitis outbreak tied to a contaminated batch of preservative-free methylprednisolone acetate. The story has received significant attention as more that 100 people have been sickened and as many as eight have died as a result of receiving an injection of the contaminated steroid (this data is already out of date […]

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Cool Pharmacy Technology – RxAdmix

In this issue of The Imaginary Journal of Pharmacy Automation and Technology (IJPAT) we take a look at RxAdmix, a system designed to provide barcode scan verification in the IV room. Now why didn’t I think of that? Great concept when you consider the dangers associated with compounding an intravenous medication incorrectly. Doxorubicin? Daunorubicin? Eh, […]

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4 technologies every hospital pharmacy should be using right now

There are lots of useful technologies out there for pharmacies, but I see precious few being put to good use. Why? Oh, who the heck knows. It’s a mystery to me. People whine all the time about how bad pharmacy operations are, but they never do anything to fix it. Human nature I suppose. If […]

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IV room technology …just sayin’

From a recent article in August 2012 issue of Pharmacy Practice News: Within the first month of implementation [of a bar-code medication preparation (BCMP) system], 85% of all IV drugs in the children’s hospital IV room were covered by the BCMP system, which does the following: “prints” labels to a touchscreen computer from which a […]

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Timely webinar from Pharmacy OneSource: Maximizing the Use of Single-Dose Vials

I wrote about the change in CMS policy regarding single-dose vials a few weeks ago. It looks like I may not be the only one that’s interested in the topic. Pharmacy OneSource is offering a webinar on August 8 titled “Maximizing the Use of Single-Dose Vials“. The speaker is Eric Kastango. Eric is one of, if not […]

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