Physician shares thoughts on using tablet PC in the field

Mobile Healthc “Dr. R. Dale Walker, from the Cherokee Tribe of Oklahoma, is a professor of Psychiatry, Public Health and Preventive Medicine as well as the director of the Center for American Indian Education and Research at Oregon Health and Science University and director of the One Sky Center.

… “When out in the field, you want to eliminate as many things that could go wrong as possible, and the J3500 Tablet PC does just that with its battery life, ruggedness, power and performance,” said Dr. Walker. “Consumer tablets just can’t compute like the Windows®-based Motion Tablet PCs, and who wants to carry around multiple systems when you have everything you need in one device?”

According to Dr. Walker, using the J3500 Tablet PC is just like taking notes on paper, but much more efficient. An hour’s worth of notes can be converted to text and emailed out in just minutes. “The ability to capture information, report back on my findings and share knowledge in near real time is an invaluable capability,” said Dr. Walker.

The tablet serves as a desktop replacement or portable library, helping Dr. Walker look up, verify or access educational tools on the fly, which proves extremely valuable considering the often remote locations of the communities. The access to information also reduces the amount of time spent on each subject, meaning more time to cover more topics. “It’s giving them the gift of information,” said Dr. Walker.”

The article reads a bit like a propaganda piece from Motion Computing, but I agree with pretty much all the highlights. I’ve been a fan of the Motion J3500 for a while. I’ve written about it before and stand by my opion. The only negative to the device is the price tag. In this day of inexpensive consumer tablets it’s difficult to swallow the price tag, which is a staggering $2-3K. You get a lot for your money, but it’s still hard to swallow.

Motion J3500 gets a wicked upgrade

Earlier today I mentioned the Motion J3400 in reference to the mobile computers we use in pharmacy.  And right on queue Motion Computing announces the release of the Motion J3500, the big brother to the J3400. Several of the key changes include availability of Intel Core i5 and i7 vPro Processors, a dual touch display – optimized for digitizer and touch input, Gorilla Glass, a View Anywhere display and an optional 128GB Solid State Drive. Throw in 7 hours of battery life plus the rough and tumble nature of the J3500 and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice tablet.

There’s a great look at the J3500 over at RuggedPC Review including photos and a video.
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Quick Hit – Mobile devices in our pharmacy

During preparation for a presentation that I’m giving at Innovations 2010 on mobile computing in pharmacy, I realized that we seem to be collecting quite a variety of mobile devices in the pharmacy at Kaweah Delta. Below are some images of the devices currently in use.
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Motion Computing updates their tablet PC lineup

I received an email from Motion Computing today informing me that the company has updated their C5 and F5 line of tablet PCs; now know as the Motion C5v MCA and F5v Mobile Field Tool.

Upgrades include availability of the Intel Core i7 or Core i5 vPro Processors along with new levels of power and security. The big ticket items that caught my attention were the reported 50% performance improvement, hot-swappable batteries with 30% longer life, availability of a solid-state hard drive and the use of Gorilla glass as the standard display. C’mon, anything with “Gorilla” attached to it has to be cool.
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Motion C5 tablet gets a ride

Motion Computing makes several Mobile Clinical Assistants (MCA), including the popular Motion C5 tablet. Don’t be confused by the MCA moniker, a MCA is simply a rugged tablet PC with some additional features like a barcode or RFID scanner and a digital camera. You can get more information on MCAs at the Intel website.

I’ve been fairly critical of this class of device in the past for several reasons. After using the Motion C5 for several weeks last year I found the 10.4 inch screen much too small for everyday use. In addition the design of the placement for the barcode scanner in the handle made the MCA too cumbersome to be really effective in patient care areas; it required too much manipulation to scan patient wrist bands. The nurses I’ve worked with tend to agree.
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Motion Computing LE1700 tablet being discontinued “It looks like Motion Computing’s LE1700 days are numbered, which is unfortunate because the nice tapered design was always one of my favorites. A newsletter was just sent out saying that the LE1700 would only available while supplies last, which means they are not making any more. If interested, contact a reseller today for $100 off. ” – This really is unfortunate, the Le1700 tablet is a nice machine. We use this slate model on the floor to help our pharmacists get real time access to patient information, drug information resources, etc. It’s been a great tool for getting the pharmacists out of the physical pharmacy and out on the floor where they have a greater impact on patient care. Motion Computing will probably begin pushing the J3400 tablet PC which is tougher and faster than the LE1700.