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Cool Pharmacy Technology – WillCall Rx from SencorpWhite

I had an interesting call with an account executive from SencorpWhite last week. He and I talked about several things, but one thing I found particularly interesting is something the company is doing in the outpatient pharmacy space with horizontal carousels. Carousels are neat technology for those that have a need for automated storage space, […]

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Things get interesting as #Aesynt acquires Health Robotics

Business Wire: “Aesynt™ announced it has completed the acquisition of Health Robotics, the leading global supplier of automated technology for intravenous (IV) medication preparation, compounding and dispensing.” For those of you that have short memories, Aesynt is basically a spin-off of the acute care pharmacy side of McKesson. It’s a big group that specializes in […]

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PillPack: a new way of thinking about an old problem

I read a Wall Street Journal article this morning about an online pharmacy called PillPack that’s doing something a little different. “PillPack mails its customers their medications every two weeks, but rather than putting them into several big bottles, the company pre-sorts them into sealed, single-dose packs, based on when a patient needs to take […]

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What are you looking for in a “workflow management system” for the IV room?

A recent “I’ve been thinking…” by Mark Neuenschwander got me thinking; no pun intended. Mark and I have been working on a barcode medication preparation (BCMP) project for the last couple of months. My interest in pharmacy automation and technology coupled with his passion for barcoding in healthcare and patient safety have created a good […]

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High-speed unit dose packagers for pharmacy

There are a lot of pharmacies out there that utilize high-speed packagers for one reason or another. Sometimes medications aren’t available in unit-dose packages from the manufacturer, or in one case that I came across recently, a pharmacy may elect to package from bulk bottles for efficiency and/or cost savings. I haven’t given much thought […]

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Swisslogs introduces next-gen RoboCurrier Autonomous Mobile Robot

Swisslog has been making these little robots for a long time, although I don’t see many of them in the wild these days. They’re pretty cool in their own right. The robots themselves are reasonably small. The previous version was only 35-inches tall, and weighed in around 100 pounds. But they could carry up to […]

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Saturday morning coffee [March 30 2013]

So much happens each and every week that it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Here are some of the tabs that are open in my browser this morning along with some random thoughts…. The coffee mug to the right comes straight from Moonstone Pottery in Los Osos, California. It’s a pretty cool mug. It was […]

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Center for the study of pharmacy automation and technology [idea]

Earlier this week I put up a post about a Prezi created by Dr. Robert Hoyt called Evidence Based Health Informatics: Replacing Hype with Science. It was a great presentation about a lot of the technology that healthcare has adopted over the years without any real evidence to back it up. I wish you could […]

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#1 thing to consider when buying pharmacy automation and/or technology…

There are a ton of things to consider when you’re thinking about putting new technology in the pharmacy. You have to consider the cost, the impact on your operations, the reputation of the company that you’re buying from, what type of technology you’re going to buy, and so on and so forth ad infinitum. However, […]

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Who should drive the selection of pharmacy automation and technology?

Who should be the driving force behind the selection of new automation and technology in a hospital pharmacy? It’s a simple question really, and in my mind there’s only one clear answer: pharmacy should drive the selection of their own automation and technology. That makes sense, right? Well it certainly does to me. However, lately I’ve seen […]

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