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How not to design an application for pharmacy

I’ve used Pyxis PARx before, but only in combination with a carousel storage system. I recently had the opportunity to play with the standalone version of PARx and all I have to say is yikes! The system utilizes an older … Continue reading

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More thoughts on standardization

I’ve mentioned this before several times on this blog, but feel like I have to say it yet again; we need to start standardizing certain things about health information technology. The lack of standardization reared its ugly head at me … Continue reading

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Medicated patch slips into wrong ADC pocket

Hospital Pharmacy: “During the process of with drawing a patient’s nicotine patch from an automated dispensing cabinet (ADC), a carousel pocket opened to reveal 2 nicotine patches and 1 fentaNYL 50 mcg/hr patch. The nurse using the ADC immediately called … Continue reading

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Thinking about a better Automated Dispensing Unit (ADU)

Automated Dispensing Units (ADUs), also referred to as Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs), are nothing new to hospital pharmacy. Over 80% of hospital pharmacies use ADUs. The most common is a product from Cardinal called Pyxis MedStation. Others include Omnicell SinglePointe, McKessen … Continue reading

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