Length of time to implement CPOE

Ok, I’ve taken a little heat since claiming that a “meaningful use” goal of 10% CPOE was weak, so I did a little digging. While collecting ammunition for my defense I came across a little blurb addressing this very issue.

CHIME070909.ashxiHealthBeat: Thirty-five percent of hospital CIOs surveyed said it would take their facilities three years to achieve 100% adoption of computerized physician order entry, according to a new survey from the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives. Twenty-seven percent of CIOs surveyed said it would take their hospitals two years to achieve 100% CPOE adoption, while 17% of respondents said complete CPOE adoption would take four years and 13% estimated a five-year time frame to achieve 100% adoption. Only 9% of CIOs surveyed said full CPOE adoption could be achieved in one year.”  – Remember that the “adoption year” timeframe is 18 months away (2011) with a 2012 start date qualifying you for the full incentive potential. This means you could actually wait as late as 2013 for full adoption and still qualify for funding. I realize CPOE is a major project; we’re struggling with it right now. Bu I still think hospitals have enough time to do this right and still get 100% usage. As the saying goes, “nothing worth having comes easy”.

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