Cool Technology for Pharmacy

This really has nothing to do with pharmacy, but the technology is just too cool to pass up.

I recently attended my youngest daughter’s back-to-school night. One of the instructors at the school used a 600 series SMART Board to give her presentation. Much of what she had to say never registered because I was too busy looking at the SMART Board.

The 600 series SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that can be integrated with a computer to provide you with some astonishing effects. The SMART Board provides a completely interactive experience with the use Touch Recognition technology.

Touch Recognition technology allows the board surface to automatically recognize the difference between your touch and specially designed pens. You can write with pens of various colors, erase with your palm and move objects around with your finger. In addition, the board surface recognizes taps and double-taps from your finger as equivalent to mouse clicks.

The SMART Board experience can be extended further via the use of the SMART Notebook software, which allows you to take a screen shot of the work you’ve done on the board and save it for latter use. The saved notes are compatible with a variety of applications, including AutoCAD and Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word

The SMART Board makes a great tool for presentations. The entire setup reminds me of a really big slate style tablet PC, which makes it even cooler.


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