Update: Siemens Innovations 2010 Presentation

Today was the big day. I gave my presentation at about 11:00 am and it cleared the room. There were about 100 attendees for the CPOE presentation just prior to mine and about 90 of those people got up and left when it came time for me to do my thing. I guess mobile pharmacy just isn’t interesting to most people.

Anyway, the presentation is below. There is an embedded video near the end that didn’t pull into SlideShare. It’s about a 30 second look at how we use Citrix on the iPad to access various clinical applications. I attempted to upload in to YouTube, but kept getting an error. I’ll try again later. If you want to see the elongated version of the videos simply go to YouTube and type in “Kaweah Delata iPad“, or something similar, and several options will pop up.

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