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Some items in a pharmacy are simply difficult to bar-code. Perhaps they’re too small, have an awkward shape or their surface won’t accommodate ink or an adhesive. The problem creates some interesting workarounds, and not always for the better.

One solution is to individually package each item and place the drug information and a bar-code on the outside of the packaging material; overwrapping, if you will. I’ve never been a big fan of overwrapping items because it can be time consuming and cumbersome. Today I ran across a machine that I think offers a genuine option for medications that are difficult to bar-code.

At first glance the Sharp SX doesn’t look like much, but after giving it a closer inspection you start to understand how it might be used. Although not listed on the website as a potential use, the Sharp SX could be used to package pediatric syringes, suppositories, unit dose liquid cups, etc.

From the company website:


  • All electric design–simply put, just plug in and use the SXâ„¢ absolutely anywhere you want it.
  • Cross flow fan channels high volume, low pressure ducted air for precise bag opening. No compressed air required.
  • Optional adjustable load shelf for easy loading of bulky or heavy parts.
  • Fewer moving parts-Less maintenance. Bagger uses off-the-shelf parts widely available so no more worries about proprietary parts.


  • 4-color backlit control panel for easy readability.
  • Self-diagnostic trouble shooting-allows for quick identification of problem and quick resolution.
  • Bag changes can be done swiftly, simply by touch screen inputs.
  • On-board PLC means less maintenance.


  • Prints unique, variable information on the “first bag out.”
  • Can print long and short production runs for a variety of products.
  • Multifunctional air, roller and printer assembly.
  • 6-inch wide printhead for larger print area. fast, simple ribbon changes – done in less than half the time with standard baggers.
  • Electronic ribbon-out sensor prevents wasted bags. Viewing window allows you to see the amount of ribbon remaining on roll.


  • Simple, fast bag changes.
  • Maintains consistent web flow. Eliminates web breakage.
  • Clamshell design allows for simplified threading of E-Z bags®.

As with many websites that I visit, the Sharp Packaging Systems website suffers from a general lack of user friendliness. Even though not easily found on the website, nor shown in the video below, much smaller packaging is available.

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