Cool Pharmacy Technology – RxMedic ADS

The RxMedic ADS robot is kind of cool. I’m not a big fan of robotics because I think they’re basically slow and I don’t believe the technology is mature enough yet; in healthcare that is.

The thing that makes this interesting to me is the checkout process, which can be found at about 1:30 into the video. The process includes photo verification. Lends itself to remote checking and tech-check-tech, don’t you think?

As technology like this becomes available it is becoming increasingly clear that the traditional role of a pharmacist is obsolete. Not sure if the new role is a completely “clinical” one, but it certainly isn’t what it is now.

From the RxMedic website:

The only retail robotic dispensing system with photo verification. The RxMedic ADS packs high speed processing into a very small footprint. Its 256 cells enable you to fill as much as 80 percent of your daily processing, complete with verification, labeling and capping.

  • Interfaces with any pharmacy management system
  • Save 50% – 80% of time spent preparing orders
  • Can pay for itself in pharmacies with as few as 150 prescriptions per day
  • Fill up to 80% of your daily prescription volume
  • Special HEPA filtration combined with vacuum technology helps reduce dust and cross-contamination
  • Nationwide on-site service

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