Podcast #3: Semi-automated IV Workflow Management Systems

Show Notes: Host: Jerry Fahnri New Equipment: Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition Dragonpad Pop Filter IVWFM systems discussed: APOTECAps1 BD Cato DoseEdge EPIC Dispense Prep2 i.v.SOFT IVTrac1 Meditech1,2 PharmQ-ITH – No longer available. IP sold to BD Phocus Rx PyxisPrep – No longer available. Killed following acquisition by BD RxADMIX1 ScriptPro Verification … Read more

The Garage | Episode 3: Food, Moto X, Personal Clouds

Robert and Jerry talk food, football, smartphones, and private clouds. Show notes: Hosts: Robert and Jerry Fahrni The Life of a Simple Chef – An awesome site for those of us that like food.  You absolutely must try the Pumpkin Apple Cream Cheese Muffins. Moto X – Jerry’s new phone, and it is awesome. We … Read more

Podcast | The Garage – Episode 2

Robert and Jerry talk about mobile development, iOS and Android, a little bit about pharmacy, and finish up with talk about wearables, mostly watches. … Audacity (I called it Audibles in the podcast. That is incorrect) – Application used to edit our podcasts. Rob’s Pelco SDK 3.3.1 post RxCalc – Pharmacokinetics application written for iOS … Read more

Podcast | The Garage – Episode 1

Welcome to The Garage, a podcast of me and my brother talking about various things.  We have great conversations and have talked about recording them for years. We finally decided to do it.

In Episode 1 of The Garage we talk about smartphones, cloud storage, Office 365, a bit about healthcare, tablets – mostly the new iPad Air and iPad Mini – the use of RSS, and data consumption. In other words, we’re all over the board.

Forgive my heavy nose breathing as I had no idea that I sounded like a bull snorting before a charge. I’ll work on that.

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