IV room technology …just sayin’

From a recent article in August 2012 issue of Pharmacy Practice News: Within the first month of implementation [of a bar-code medication preparation (BCMP) system], 85% of all IV drugs in the children’s hospital IV room were covered by the BCMP system, which does the following: “prints” labels to a touchscreen computer from which a […]

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Timely webinar from Pharmacy OneSource: Maximizing the Use of Single-Dose Vials

I wrote about the change in CMS policy regarding single-dose vials a few weeks ago. It looks like I may not be the only one that’s interested in the topic. Pharmacy OneSource is offering a webinar on August 8 titled “Maximizing the Use of Single-Dose Vials“. The speaker is Eric Kastango. Eric is one of, if not […]

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A trip to IHOP and more thoughts on color

A trip to the local IHOP (@IHOP) this morning for breakfast with my family reminded me of something I saw a couple a weeks ago and this post about the use of color in pharmacy labels. It’s a big of a stretch, I know, but the things that pop into one’s mind aren’t necessarily controlled by logic.

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Color to differentiate information on pharmacy labels

I put this up the other day at my Talyst blog. I don’t often cross post between that blog and this one because I tend to keep the “corporate” blog a bit more watered down. But in this case I thought it was worth it. I’ve been thinking a lot about the use of color […]

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CMS allows repackaging of single-dose vials “under certain circumstances”

Each Friday I receive a newsletter from CompoundingToday.com. The newsletter features an editorial from Dr. Loyd V. Allen, Jr, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding. A couple of weeks ago the editorial focused on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) newly clarified position on the use of sing-dose vials in medication distribution. […]

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Prenteral nutrition error [from #ISMP]

From the latest ISMP Medication Safety Alert!, a mix up between an adult parenteral nutrition (PN) template in an electronic health record (#EHR) and one for pediatrics. The big difference between these two is how you order electrolytes; it’s a really big difference. The most shocking part of all this was that the error made […]

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Maximum effort and repetitive tasks [Article]

I thought this was interesting as the objective of the effort was to “develop an equation, for repetitive tasks, that uses frequency and/or duty cycle (DC) to predict maximum acceptable efforts (MAE) relative to maximum voluntary efforts (MVE).” Huh? Exactly. I found this at CafeErgo:

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