The Future of Pharmacy: Using Technology to Drive Practice Change [presentation]

Below is the presentation that I gave at Health Connect Partners 2016 in Chicago, IL. I’ve had a few requests to publish the slides so I uploaded them to SlideShare. With that said, I have issues with SlideShare like the loss of animations, timed transitions, and a couple of minor formatting problems.

If you would like to view the presentation as it was meant to be viewed, you may do so here at the Microsoft Mix site. However, there is a log-in wall. I would have preferred that it not be there, but it is. The choice was to require a log-in to view or allow the presentation to be listed as Creative Commons. I am not prepared to do that. So, if you happen to have a Microsoft account – Hotmail, outlook, Office 365, etc – or you prefer to sign in with Google of Facebook, you will be able to view the presentation as it was intended, including the two embedded videos. However, if that’s not your thing, feel free to view it below or directly on the SlideShare site realizing that it’s missing some of its pizzazz.


Evolution of [Pharmacy] Practice in an Age of Information [Presentation]

Yesterday I was at Children’s Hospital of Orange County in Orange, CA. for the HIMSS Southern California Chapter 5th Annual Clinical Informatics Summit: Adventures in Clinical Informatics. I was there to give a presentation about pharmacy. It’s the first public presentation I’ve given since retiring from the presentation game just over two years ago. Now that it’s over I’m heading back into presenter retirement.

The presentation in its entirety has been uploaded to Slideshare and is embedded below. Some of the slides didn’t show up at the time of upload. I tried a couple of different things to get them to show up, but at last view they still weren’t there.

unSUMMIT 2011 Presentation (#unSUM11)

I uploaded the presentation I gave Thursday at the unSUMMIT in Louisville, Kentucky. You can see it below, although some of the slides came out a little rough when I uploaded it to slideshare. It looks like it may have something to do with the font I used. If I find time I’ll correct it later.

The presentation focused on the often overlooked things that need to be done following implementation of something like BCMA. Healthcare systems have a bad habit of not providing enough resources, both labor and monetary, to maintain and optimize technology once implemented. I simply suggested five things that healthcare systems could do post-implementation to make sure their BCMA implementation didn’t crumble right before their eyes.

And now that the unSUMMIT presentation has been delivered I am officially retiring from the role of presenter. Unlike some people I know, it takes me a concerted effort and a fair amount of time to put one of these things together, and I just don’t feel like doing it again. Enjoy.