Verizon, you gotta love ’em

eWeek: “Not only did it recently experience a win over disgruntled competitor AT&T, in being allowed to continue airing some cheeky ads, and then enjoy a jump in consumer opinion, but in a Dec. 1 statement, Consumer Reports revealed that Verizon was named the preferred carrier by the people it surveyed in 26 cities for its cell-phone-focused January issue.” – T-Mobile was second, while Sprint and AT&T tied for third. This is consistent with what I’ve heard around the hospital. I was previously assigned a Verizon mobile broadband card. Unfortunately our facility decided to move away from Verizon a couple of weeks ago and go with AT&T and Sprint. I am now using a Sprint 598U Wireless USB Plug and the performance and connectivity are terrible. While in Vegas last week I was unable to connect to the hospital VPN secondary to poor coverage and lack of speed. I couldn’t even check my email. I ended up using the browser on my Droid. My Verizon card never gave me any problems, ever. I spoke with a nurse today in our IT department who was assigned an AT&T mobile broadband card after previously using one from Verizon. Her story was similar to mine; bummer. It looks like I really need to set up my Droid to tether.

Crossing my fingers (again) – Apple, Verizon team up on tablet. “Apple (AAPL Quote) will have a tablet computer in time for the holidays, but the company is still mulling how to sell it. The device, designed as a larger version of the iPod Touch, will have a 9-inch to 10-inch touchscreen and possibly a keyboard, as analysts, industry sources and news reports have outlined. An initial version of the long-anticipated Apple tablet will be subsidized by Verizon (VZ Quote), but Apple and Verizon “won’t be as tightly integrated” as Apple’s iPhone exclusivity deal with AT&T (T Quote), says one source familiar with the companies, who asked not to be named.” – I continue to be a huge proponent of the tablet form factor for computers. Their utility is infinite and I believe Apple can certainly bring something special to the table.  Apple has an uncanny knack for creating wildly popular and inventive devices long after other vendors have gone stale. Let’s face facts; the iPhone has revolutionized the smart phone industry. My credit card hasn’t been out of my wallet in quite some time and it’s overdue for the purchase of a new toy. C’mon Apple, don’t let me down.