Imprivata OneSign Secure Walk-Away Technology

While at Innovations a couple of weeks back I stumbled across the Imprivata booth at the vendor expo. There were quite a few people gathered around the booth so I obliged my curiosity and squeezed in among the crowd. The Imprivata representatives were giving a demonstration of the company’s OneSign 4.5 application with Walk-Away technology. … Read more

What’s the “green grade” for your healthcare organization?

HealthBlog: “Going Green in Healthcare IT and improving organizational efficiency along the way – Strategies to improve “operational efficiency” in healthcare organizations are a recurring theme here on HealthBlog.  That’s why I wanted to share a new article on Green IT written by my colleague Chris Sullivan who manages our US health provider industry for Microsoft.  I know that Chris and his team would be very pleased to work with you directly or point you to additional resources in your quest to drive greater efficiency in your organization—a mission, in these challenging economic times, that has never been more important.”

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