Oursourcing IT jobs and cloud computing

This morning I posted a quick note about a shortage of qualified IT staff in healthcare. Todd Eury of Pharmacy Resource Technology (PTR) left me an interesting comment that I would like to share with you.

When appropriate – what about strategic IT Outsourcing? IT Management Solutions delivered by U.S. based firms? For example: http://www.pharmacydatahosting.com Opesnet handles IT Outsourced Management Services for LTC Pharmacy Operations. I understand the frustration with the shortage – but this might be an answer in some cases / situations. Reputable firms can provide great value and help contain/ lower costs.

I think this is an excellent idea not only for the IT staffing shortage, but as an answer to difficulties in advancing a cloud computing model in healthcare. It is clear that the shortage will hamper efforts to implement advanced technology in healthcare, and in particular pharmacy. Many IT professionals are grown and educated from within a healthcare system, often limiting their expertise in cutting edge automation and technology. Strategic IT outsourcing offers access to highly trained professionals specializing in models not currently used in the healthcare industry. The idea of outsourcing could also be extended beyond cloud computing to encompass pharmacy information systems, barcoding automation, electronic document management, etc. In other words, leave it to the experts. I love the idea Todd, keep ‘em coming.

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  1. Wow! This is great seeing our name mentioned. We have been aggressively seeking business in the healthcare sector simply because it is wanting for professional IT expertise and execution excellence. One of the most difficult issues facing any organization is dealing with the unpredictability of IT across the board. Unpredictable, performance, unpredictable data management, unpredictable costs. Under an outsourced relationship, the healthcare organization enters into a performance-based accountability relationship with the IT oursourcer . . . Perform of bear the consequences. By placing incentives in the relationship the healthcare organization receives heightened attention and ever-improving performance. This is a proven model in other industry sectors and healthcare would be well-served to make the move to such relationships.

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