LIJ Health System to subsidize EMR deployment in New York

InformationWeek Healthcare: “The rollout is believed to be the nation’s largest EMR deployment to date, said North Shore LIJ CIO John Bosco. The health system serves five million people in the New York metro area, operating 14 hospitals, 18 long-term care facilities, five home-health agencies, dozens of outpatient centers, and a hospice network. Under the North Shore LIJ Electronic Health Record initiative, 1,200 staff physicians and 5,800 affiliated physicians will be offered subsidized EMR systems. EMR software will be provided by Allscripts and hosted using a cloud-based model by an unnamed Allscripts partner, Bosco said.” – The article goes on to say that North Shore LIJ will subsidize approximately 85% of the cost and allow physicians to keep any reimbursement earned under the ARRA. I’d say that is a pretty smart move on the part of LIJ. After all, getting physicians to use new technology is a difficult process. With this offer LIJ will get EMR use entrenched in the minds of approximately 7000 physicians in the New York area. It will be very interesting to see how things go over the next 5 years.

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