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This weeks cool technology comes by way of a comment left at in response to a recent post I wrote on smartphones and pharmacy practice.

The author of the comment, @pillguy, is an iPhone fanboy and pharmacy technology guru.

@pillguy:  “The iPhone certainly has some promising applications related to EHRs. Airstrip is one of the coolest I have seen.

The smartphone takes PDAs to the next level with access to realtime information. I can see a TheraDoc, Pharmacy OneSource, or Zynx type clinical monitoring/alerting app fit in with the Airstrip suite nicely.”

AirStrip Technologies

Thanks to the innovations of AirStrip Technologies, state-of-the-art remote healthcare surveillance is now a reality at hospitals nationwide.

The AirStrip OBSERVER Suiteâ„¢ is a collection of robust, dynamic software solutions that are setting a new standard of care – affording healthcare providers in a variety of practice areas anywhere, anytime access to critical information that can improve patient safety and strengthen communication between healthcare professionals.

The AirStrip OBSERVER Suite includes AirStrip OBâ„¢, AirStrip CARDIOLOGYâ„¢, AirStrip CRITICAL CAREâ„¢, AirStrip IMAGINGâ„¢ and AirStrip LABORATORYâ„¢. AirStrip OB is already FDA cleared and the other applications in the suite are in advanced stages of development. The Suite offers the latest remote healthcare surveillance technology across multiple healthcare disciplines.

• AirStrip OB
• AirStrip IMAGING

The Airstrip OBSERVER Suite of applications could be used to provide valuable information to pharmacists at the bedside. The addition of an “Airstrip PHARMACY” module would make it even more valuable. Now that would be cool technology for pharmacy!

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