Motion Computing updates their tablet PC lineup

I received an email from Motion Computing today informing me that the company has updated their C5 and F5 line of tablet PCs; now know as the Motion C5v MCA and F5v Mobile Field Tool.

Upgrades include availability of the Intel Core i7 or Core i5 vPro Processors along with new levels of power and security. The big ticket items that caught my attention were the reported 50% performance improvement, hot-swappable batteries with 30% longer life, availability of a solid-state hard drive and the use of Gorilla glass as the standard display. C’mon, anything with “Gorilla” attached to it has to be cool.

While I’ve been critical of the C5 in the past, I find myself becoming more interested in the device with each improvement made by the company. It’s clear that Motion Computing is taking tablet PC use in health care seriously, and I have to cheer for any company that’s willing to do that.

More information can be found here (PDF), by going to the Motion Computing website or by attending an upcoming webinar that promises an overview of the C5v.

Here’s the email:

Motion Announces the New C5v Rugged Tablet PC Offering Enhanced Power, Performance and Integrated Features

Join us for a Motion-hosted webinar to learn about the latest C5v Tablet PC from Motion Computing. Built on technology that delivers increased performance and battery life, the new Motion Tablet PCs provide increased levels of performance, security and manageability. Motion Tablet PCs are rugged, lightweight and durable with new features and integrated components that adapt to a broad range of demanding and mobile work environments.
Motion C5v Features and Benefits include:

  • Up to 50% improvement in performance
  • Approx 30% increase in battery life
  • Intel® Coreâ„¢ i5 and i7 vProâ„¢ processors
  • Increased storage capacity and memory
  • Display now standard with Gorilla glass for up to 4 times the strength in breakage resistance
  • Hot swappable battery
  • Web camera and 3MP documentation camera

5 thoughts on “Motion Computing updates their tablet PC lineup”

  1. So is that from 3 hours to 4 hours? Ooooooooooooo!

    The problem with tablet PCs is that they are built on an operating system that is meant to run by being plugged into an electrical outlet. Once everyone figures this out and rebuilds a truly mobile OS (like Apple) they will have a product that can compete with the iPad.

    The Gorilla glass is a nice touch though. Maybe the monkeys will get some use out of these. I expect the zoo keeper will be using an iPad.

  2. Oh and it looks like the etch-a-sketch my 6 year old has in his play box. Of course now I can’t get him to use it. He just wants to play with my iPad :(

  3. Yeah, I’ll give you that. I didn’t say I liked the thing, I simply said the company was taking their improvements serious. And quit being such a cheapskate and by your 6 year old his own iPad :-P

  4. Exactly, you Apple fanboi. I like the iPad, I really do, and our hospital is knee deep in them, but I’m discovering that they just can’t hang with a full blown tablet PC. And they aren’t designed to. Give it a little time, tablet manufacturers will have to increase battery life to a minimum of 6 hours if they expect to be taken seriously. I suppose you didn’t read my post on the toughbook C1, did you. It offers 10 hours of battery life.

    You’re gonna lament the lack of Gorilla glass in that iPad the first time it hits the ground, buddy boy. You’re getting as bad as Poikonen with his BCMA bashing. I gotta’ find you guys a hobby. Sheez!

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