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I came across a Tweet mentioning The Pill Timer from Med Time Technology, Inc quite a while back. I would like to give credit to the person that brought it to my attention, but several thousand Tweets have zoomed past my eyes since then. My plan was to purchase one, as they’re only $4.95, and play with it before posting about it. Unfortunately I never got around to it.

The Pill Timer is an electronic prescription vial cap designed to provide patients with audio and visual alerts when it’s time to take their medication. Medication adherence is a big problem here in the United States and anything that has the potential to improve compliance is worth a look. I’ve posted on technology like this before, but I believe The Pill Timer is easily the least expensive and simplest alternative I’ve seen. The instructions are relatively easy to follow, and anyone using The Pill Timer should have it programmed and ready for use in no time at all. The instruction sheet can be found here.

The Pill Timer is disposable and should last approximately 3 months. At only $4.95 it sounds like something worth a try at least once.

From the website:

The Pill Timerâ„¢ is a low cost – easy to use medication management system designed to help people, patients and caregivers receive the full therapeutic benefits from their prescription medication while reducing the risk of adverse drug events and treatment failures.

  • Programmable for all prescribed regimens
  • Alarm sounds for 20 seconds when dosage is due
  • Red Light Flashes for one minute when dosage is due
  • Automatically resets to 0:00 with each use
  • LCD monitors time since last dosage was taken
  • Hourly reminder alarm if dosage is missed
  • LCD continues to blink if dosage is missed
  • Prevents accidental under and over dosing
  • Eliminates guesswork for patients
  • The Pill Timerâ„¢ is disposable and guaranteed to last for at least 3 months
  • The Pill Timerâ„¢ comes with USP approved prescription vial

2 thoughts on “Cool Technology for Pharmacy – The Pill Timer”

  1. Mr. Fahrni;

    You don’t have to pay $4.95 for a Pill Timer.

    Ask your pharmacist in a number of Health Mart, Medicap, Medicine Shoppe, Leader, Henry Ford Health System or Lovelace Health System and they will gladly give you a Pill Timer for free for chronic maintenance medication.

    For you Jerry, we would be pleased to send you the most cost effective, technologically advanced medication management alert on this planet for free.
    Ian Shendale
    Med Time Technology, Inc.

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