Cool Pharmacy Tech – Fillmaster Plus

I was talking with someone the other day about extemporaneous compounding and they mentioned FLAVORx. I like extemporaneous compounding and have been aware of FLAVORx for quite some time. In fact I featured it as a “Cool Technology for Pharmacy” back in February 2010.

While I was at the FLAVORx website I came across a link to Fillmaster Plus made by Fillmaster Systems out of El Cajon, CA. The Fillmaster Plus is genius in its design because it’s simple, eloquent, makes use of current technology – barcode scanning, SD card, liquid pump, etc – and fits a niche.

Fillmaster Systems is only a couple of hours from LA. Next time I’m down that way I should take an excursion to Fillmaster HQ and get a close-up look for myself. I wonder how they would handle a surprise visit.

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