More RFID refrigerator stuff – Cubixx and myCubixx

The video below gives a brief overview of Cubixx and myCubixx from ASD Healthcare, an AmerisouceBergen Specialty Group. Cubixx is a large RFID refrigerator solution like you’d see in a pharmacy, and myCubixx is its little brother that is used by patients as a personal RFID controlled refrigerator at home. Pretty cool concept.


On-site supply without off-the-chart expense. Cubixxâ„¢ provides instant access to vital medications and bills you only for the products you use. Developed by ASD Healthcare, Cubixx uses RFID technology to monitor inventory continuously. Its advantages include:

  • Vital Products within Seconds – Temperature-regulated storage to keep a reliable supply of products available
  • 24/7 Automated Monitoring – Cubixx verifies product temperature, system power supply and network connectivity 24 hours a day,seven days a week to ensure the safe storage of all its medications
  • RFID-enabled for Convenience – Electronic RFID tags on all products allow Cubixx to invoice customers only when they use the product
  • Customer-set Inventory – Customers determine their own quantities, which ASD Healthcare remotely tracks through RFID technology
  • Automated Product Verification – Cubixx automatically verifies expiration dates and other pertinent information on each product unit
  • Electronic Inventory Management – Cubixx automatically requests replenishment when the product count falls below your designated level
  • Optimal Space Efficiency – With sizes that range from 5 cubic feet to 56 cubic feet, Cubixx provides the space you need for your specialty products
  • Free Shipping – ASD Healthcare provides free shipping for all Cubixx products. Products ship from our advanced distribution centers and are delivered to you the next day
  • The Most Products on Consignment – With hundreds of products available, Cubixx meets virtually all of your product needs

More information can be found in the product brochure here.


Lowering healthcare cost while improving results takes innovative solutions with the human touch. myCubixx delivers –

  •  Lower healthcare costs,
  • Enhanced patient experience,
  • Improved quality of life.

Lower costs. Healthier lives.
The innovative technology of myCubixx puts life-saving medications at the patient’s fingertips. For hemophilia patients, myCubixx reporting technology ensures that patients receive and follow the most beneficial treatment plan for their needs. Preventable events – like high-cost emergency visits – are reduced or eliminated all together. Patient compliance improves, leading to better healthcare outcomes for a higher quality of life.

Advanced data-capture. Greater accountability.
Product tracking and accountability also improve with the advanced data-capture capabilities of myCubixx. When accessed, myCubixx records real-time data that provides visibility and transparency to partner stakeholders – payers, healthcare providers, caregivers and more.

Using radio frequency monitoring, myCubixx ensures that only patients or caregivers gain access to the life-saving product. Ultimately, the myCubixx data reporting system lowers cost and delivers better healthcare results for healthier lives.

myCubixx advantages include:

  • Small units allow healthcare facilities to give patients in-home access to life-saving medications.
  • Exclusive treatment reporting capabilities deliver real-time data to stakeholders.
  • Network and radio frequency technologies monitor real-time product use.
  • Web portal access provides stakeholders total visibility of actionable data.
  • Technology helps improve treatment compliance, healthcare reporting and product accounting.

myCubixx – taking the guesswork out of treatment compliance,healthcare reporting and product accounting.

myCubixx interface allows for 6 easy steps to retrieve product:

Patient inputs bleed details on myCubixx touch-pad tablet.

  1. Target joint, pain rating and treatment are recorded.
  2. Details are sent to healthcare providers.
  3. myCubixx unlocks to provide product access.
  4. Patient removes needed product.
  5. myCubixx records how much product is taken.

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