Mobile computing at its finest, the Golden-i Headset

Not to be confused with the Golden-Showers Headset (post for another time), the Golden-i Headset is a mobile computer worn by paramedics made by Ikanos Consulting, a Nottinghamshire, UK firm. The headset itself is butt ugly, but the functionality is cool. The headset can be controlled by both voice and head gestures.

How many use cases can you think of for something like this in pharmacy? Several, I’m sure.

Medgadget: “The headset has a camera and microphone for interacting with applications and to communicate with hospital physicians. The Paramedic Pro software performs voice recognition and allows patient data lookup and entry through voice alone. Remote physicians can see and hear through the headset, allowing them to guide paramedics in stabilizing their patients and starting treatment in difficult cases.”

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