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HIMSS11 Interoperability Showcase – Omnicell video

Omnicell is pushing interoperability with pharmacy information systems. Interesting stuff. Check out the demonstration video below. I love the “vending machine” style dispensing idea. It’s something I’ve been waiting to see for a few years now.

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Going cartless

I spent some time recently speaking with the director of pharmacy (DOP) from a large acute care facility about operations and various dispensing models. In this particular instance, the hospital utilizes a cartfill model, decentralized pharmacists in satellites to handle … Continue reading

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Cool Technology for Pharmacy

In a previous post I mused about using anĀ automated packaging system like InSite from Talyst as a type of automated dispensing cabinetĀ for acute care patients. InSite was designed for long-term care and would simply be too large for the needs … Continue reading

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ISMP launches first self assessment of ADC safety

ISMP.org: “More than 80% of US hospitals have implemented automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) as an important part of their drug distribution system, making the evaluation of practices surrounding this technology an essential step in ensuring patient safety. To help meet … Continue reading

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Safest and most efficient distribution model

Cardinalhealth.com: “The findings of this analysis demonstrated that in a decentralized medication distribution model, as the percentage of medications in an automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) is increased, there is a direct correlation with: Decreased time to initial dose Decreased missing … Continue reading

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