ISMP launches first self assessment of ADC safety “More than 80% of US hospitals have implemented automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) as an important part of their drug distribution system, making the evaluation of practices surrounding this technology an essential step in ensuring patient safety. To help meet healthcare organizations’ growing need for assistance in this area, ISMP has introduced the first Medication Safety Self Assessment for Automated Dispensing Cabinets. The assessment contains 12 core elements that support the safe use of ADCs, which are based on guidelines developed by a national forum convened by ISMP comprising practitioners and vendors with expertise in the safe use of ADCs.** Many of the core elements represent system improvements and safeguards that ISMP has recommended in response to analysis of medication errors and problems identified during onsite ISMP consultations with hospitals. ” – ISMP offers some great resources and their self assessments are are a good way to see exactly where you stand against their “standards”. I would encourage every acute care facility using ADCs to complete the survey and submit their data to ISMP, confidentially of course.

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