Cool Technology for Pharmacy

NEPS Healthcare: “Managing the distribution of pharmaceuticals throughout the healthcare delivery process in hospitals and other healthcare institutions can provide opportunity for errors in both administration of medications and cost accounting. In addition to ensuring the five pharmaceutical “rights”— the right patient, the right drug, the right dose, at the right time, with the right route of administration—Health e-Connect can ensure a closed loop process for pharmaceutical cost accounting within the healthcare institution.” - NEPS provides an integrated software solution (called Health e-Connect) for the creation of pharmaceutical labels on a variety of direct thermal printers.  The software compliments the functionality of the pharmacy information system (in our case Siemens  Pharmacy) by  providing  a  label  printing  solution with virtually  unlimited  formatting  capabilities. The features that caught my attention include tall man lettering support and real time label formatting changes. I liked the product so much that I put it in the pharmacy IT budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

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