Sperm-like nanopropeller is smallest swimmer ever

Newscientist.com: “REMOTE-CONTROLLED nano-devices that look like sperm but mimic the corkscrew motion of flagella may one day deliver drugs to where they are needed in the body.”  -The applications here are limitless. I had the opportunity to work on something along these lines when I was an undergrad (Chemistry). We used polyaniline to carry drugs to a specific location. Once at the location, a current was applied directly to the polyaniline, releasing the drug. Of course we had no remote control and our experiments were performed in a beaker, but it was still pretty darned cool. I still have my lab notebooks from back then. Thumbing through them brought back a lot of good memories. Being involved in any type of R&D is exciting and fun, I highly recommend it (if you get the chance).

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